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Black Hills Symphony Orchestra Instrument


Student MusicianEducation

The Black Hills Symphony Orchestra supports music education in our community!

Music Memory

Music Memory is a program started in 1998 in the Rapid City Public Schools for Grades 3-5. This program is designed to familiarize children with classical music and allow them to experience a live symphonic experience. Students listen to 10 selections during the school year and learn to listen for melody, harmony, instrumentation, style, and form.  In the spring, listening tests are given and eventually teams from each school are chosen and come together for the final competition.  This is where the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra comes in.  The musicians along with occasional vocalists will present the “test” live in the form of small excerpts of the music.  The children experience a new understanding and appreciation for classical music.  Medals and trophies are awarded. This event is generously supported by the Rapid City School System.

Symphony Safari (4th Grade Concert) presented by Black Hills Energy

Every January, the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra presents a Symphony Safari concert for all fourth grade students in the Rapid City Area Schools. This concert introduces students to the sights and sounds of the orchestra while teaching them acceptable behavior in a traditional concert setting. This concert is also meant to give students an insight on the type of instrument they may choose to play in the next year of school. Several students are selected to come on stage and conduct the orchestra during several pieces. Many older high school students who play in the orchestra are available to talk to the younger students and inspire them to make music a part of their lives.


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